10 Low Cost Valentine’s Day Ideas

Here are 10 winning ideas for you and your sweetheart this year.1. leave rose petals from the front door to the bathroom where you  have  a bubble bath and a glass of champagne  or wine waiting for him.

2. Your local dollar store is a great holiday resource and you will find a great selection of house and table decorations to decorate your space.

3. Prepare a red meal…all food is red! Spaghetti, rare roast beef, cranberry sauce, cherry pie…use your imagination and your favorite cook book for inspiration.

4. L eave heart shaped notes in the places that your sweet heart will be sure to find them: in his shower, on the steering wheel of his car or in the morning newspaper. You can even find heart shaped post it notes at Staples.

5. Give your honey a special massage. Light candles, lay a heavy towel on the floor and put the massage oil in a bowl of warm water. Put on some relaxing music and knead the daily tension right out of him.

6. Take him to the imaginary beach by planning an indoor picnic. Fill a basket with cheese, bread and wine, lay a table cloth of the floor and bring out the backgammon board. Have a bottle of sun screen and a couple pair of sunglasses as props.

7. E mail him a list of the reasons you appreciate him.

8. Start a “What I Like About You Journal.” Keep it out in plain view and take turns adding to it. Try to write a couple of ideas every day.

9. Have a romantic dinner out….at home! Cook a favorite meal and then dress up as if you were eating out. Light the candles, put the music on and imagine you are in an exotic locale

10. Give him handmade coupons for personal favors you will give him when he presents them to you. Could be for anything from household chores he usually takes care of to snuggles and huggles. Use your imagination! Here is a link for some printable Valentine’s coupons: Printable Valentine’s Coupons

Above all remember, things may be tough right now and both of you may be under a lot of pressureComputer Technology Articles, but you can still take time to connect to one another. It is more important now than ever to find simple ways to appreciate one another!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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