11 Inexpensive Ideas to Jazz up your decor Cont.

I just love changing up decor.

1.Decorate walls with framed anything: /have favorite pictures from an old calendar? Frame’em up!


2.Try hanging different styles hooks on your kitchen walls,hang mugs or pot holders on them.

3.Create some art,Have some silk scarfs.or random pieces of jewelry ? Frame them.Get creative with random objrcts around the house.

4.Spruce up throw  pillows ,buy some fabric remnants to change them up ,towels or even that flowing skirt you no longer wear but love the pattern

5.Add some decals everywhere and anywhere ,even on the toilet lid

6.Add new hardware to furniture or kitchen cabinets


7.clear clutter by buying or creating your own containers to hold magazines,extra blankets,

8.Don’t worry about matching ,play around with different colors and patterns

9.Add wallpaper or paint to create an accent wall

10.Request free samples from carpet companies .many places will send you  small samples .Use them to create a unique wall accent or art..add paint sample cards..go bold!

get some here

11.Be sure to look around your home and garage for items you can repurpose


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