11 Inexpensive Ideas to Jazz up your decor

Do you love Home Shows ?Like you see on fiy or HGTV? I love those shows ,I always Feel so inspired to change things up around my home.

Many of the things I want to do though cost too much,more than I can afford.In the same boat? Well here are some great Ideas that wont break your budget,First Here are recent Projects My Husband and I worked on.

They cost very little to do ,And can be done in a day! TIP:Don’t be afraid to go treasure hunting on trash night,You can find some great pieces to incorporate into our project for FREE.

Homemade Pot Rack :

potrack 010

Materials we used:

1. Old pallet in our yard that weathered very nicely

2. 1 Metal corner edge (about 10 bucks)

3.Accent furniture tacks

4.Old grate from our old stove

5.Some chain and hooks from Lowe’s

potrack 001potrack 005potrack 007potrack 004

2nd Project:

Flower Boxesfb1 fbfb1

1.wood ( to make 2 4ft boxes)

2.Spray paint

3.vinyl decals

Easy and Fun to do! Oh and a good polyurethane to keep the decals on ..

Click here to see the 11 Inexpensive Ideas to Jazz up your decor

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16 Responses to 11 Inexpensive Ideas to Jazz up your decor

  1. Ching says:

    Oh my gosh I always admire people who are so creative and handy. You are one of those people. That turned out beautifully!!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I am too a huge fan of watching HGTV, I certainly got already lots of ideas too.
    I do love your projects and therefore have saved your article. 🙂

  3. Tara Pittman says:

    I love that pot rack. We have a pot rack that was made from a bar glass holder

  4. Claudia Krusch says:

    I am always looking for ways to refresh my space. These are some great ideas I will have to try.

  5. emma white says:

    oh some great little ideas here, I am always changing my decor so may have to use some of these myself

  6. Hannah Marie says:

    Those projects are so cool! I am in love with the pot rock and would be happy to have it in my kitchen!

  7. I love the pot rack! I love diy hacks that look unique!

  8. pinkoddy says:

    What a great job of upcycling you did. It happens to be WasteLessWednesday for #ZeroWasteWeek which is about upcycling so I am sharing this.

  9. Coralie says:

    I love DIY projects! This turned out great. I am going to have to make this for my neighbor. They would love it.

  10. I’m a huge fan of HGTV LOL And I love that pot rack! I’ve always wanted one of those…

  11. Brandi H says:

    The pot rack is adorable. I love the color of your pans too! Thanks for sharing the DIY steps.

  12. I will need to bookmark this page to help me right now that I’m decorating.

  13. Missy says:

    I love cheap decorating ideas! I’m on a tight budget, plus I like to switch things up frequently.

  14. I’ve always loved the idea of a pot rack. I have a tiny kitchen though and fear it would look cluttered.

  15. What a clever idea! I love to DIY especially as a home decoration. You nailed dear!

  16. Blair villanueva says:

    Thanks for these tips! Very helpful especially i live independently. And some here saves spaces!

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