505 Southwestern Product Review

I did receive products for review purposes. The views expressed are my own true and honest thoughts.

505 Southwestern

Wow! These are some really great products! The tastes are similar to what I have experienced in some of my favorite restaurant entrees. At home, I like to produce the same kind of meal that you expect to receive while dining out. I also want to be able to add my own flair. That’s exactly what I was able to accomplish with the 505 Southwestern sauces, chiles and salsa. What I was surprised to see is that they are gluten free, all natural and no trans fat. 

505 Southwestern Omlette

This is an omelette that was prepared using the 505 Southwestern Green Chile Sauce. I added some shredded cheese and a couple of teaspoons of the sauce. That’s it! Simple. The taste was fabulous!  I also used the sauce to make quesadillas for the family. A little sauce, cheese and some leftover roasted chicken was all it took to make a delicious lunch for myself and the kiddos. 

505 Southwestern Cheese Dip

First let me apologize for the pic. It is definitely not the best. However, in my defense, I was really hungry and couldn’t wait to try the nachos. lol I decided to make homemade nachos. Well, first off I managed to make it home without the cheese I had planned on using for the dish. So, what’s a Mom supposed to do? There is not time to run back to the store. Hmmm. After looking through the cupboards I found some cheese sauce. I added a can of tomatoes with chiles and a sprinkle of garlic salt. Microwaved for a few minutes. Then I tasted it. Bland!!! Now, what to do??? Spotting the 505 Southwestern Roasted Green Chile jar, I added a couple of tablespoons of that to the mix and microwaved again. Mmmm. That’s just what it needed. FYI, I did find a recipe for Chile Verde Con Queso   on their website. The recipe calls for only 3 ingredients. So, be sure to check it out!

The 505 Southwestern Honey Chipotle Green Chile Salsa has proved to be a great topping on so many things. Meatloaf! Yeah, my son thought it would be great on top my meatloaf. Don’t tell anyone but I admit I did like the taste too. I think it may be the fact that there is not any onions added to the blend of ingredients. You think Salsa and you think onions in the mix. Not in this one! What you will find are tomatoes, water, honey, chipotle flakes, garlic powder, jalapeno, salt and lime juice. They then combine these ingredients with sweet honey and smoky chipotle. 

Now  that you know how fantastic the products are,  I bet you are wondering where to purchase them. 505 Southwestern products can be found in Chain Supermarkets, Independent Supermarkets, Gourmet Food Storesand Club Stores. This includes HEB and Safeway stores! Check out 505 Southwestern on their social media sites:





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