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Hello !

Thanks for stopping by.I hope you like it here.and plan to make a ezeebuxs a part of your daily visit to the internet:)

I live in a small county town  for about 7 years now.It was quit a change I lived in a city for most my life.I am finding the quite  county life to suit me just fine!I love being close to nature ,Its so beautiful and peaceful!

I am  married to a wonderful man Dan .who supports me fully on my blogging , I am mom and a grandmother and a pet mom of 5 cats and 1 dog.Blogging is pretty much my full time job

I started blogging in May of 2011. and Ezeebuxs was born! I love finding fab and freebies .so I decided I wanted to share my finds with others,With everything seeming to rise in price these days .you got to be a bit  frugal ,while not compromising your standard of living .

I also decided to add recipes .most are frugal friendly .I get bored with food easy .so I like to find different and unique cooking ideas.

I also added reviews to my blog.I love trying new things! There is so much you can find on the internet that’s not in stores  So many miss out on great products and by bringing you product reviews ,I help you discover new items and give you my insight on the products

I Post something new and interesting every it a recipe ,deal review.keeping it fresh and not boring for you!I love bringing a variety to the board !

If there is anything else you would like to know .please contact me I ill get back to you! Thanks again for stopping by!



Hi! I am Deb. I joined Ezeebuxs last month. Regina and I teamed up with each other in hopes to bring a better experience to all the couponers and  deal seakers out there.

I have a great husband that is now slowly getting into couponing with me. He mainly understands this, the more coupons I have, the less of his money I will spend. lol He does on occasion ask at the store if I have a coupon for something.

I am also a mother of 3 wonderful kids, well 5, if ya count my 2 lovable pooches. My middle son was married just last December to a great gal. She has been such a blessing and a really nice addition to the family. Our extended family lives on the same block. So, we pretty much have a house full at any given time.

Couponing has really been a huge help to my family and I wanted to share that with others. Saving a little here and there helps us to be able to do or buy some things that are not always in the budget. I wouldn’t say I am an extreme couponer. Couponing has made me an Extreme Saver.

Gigi and I will be sharing our deal finds, recipes, coupons a long the way. We hope you stop by daily.

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