Butterscotch No Bakes

I found a new snack love!  My Husband brought home some of these and they were so good and looking at the ingredients they are so easy to make! So I made some at home .I am going to try them with Chocolate and Peanut Butter too!

3 ingredients Corn Flakes,Peanuts,bag f Baking chips .  I crushed the peanuts and corn flakes up just a little ,melted the morsels in microwave for about a minute and a half .then folded in the nuts and flakes ,Dropped on to wax paper by teaspoonfuls and Viola! There ya go Chill in the fridge till firm

128nobakes 006 128nobakes 005 128nobakes 004

I really didn’t measure just played it by eye .they are now chillin’ in the fridge

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