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Hello .I am creating this section because I just love cats .I have 9 beautiful Kitties

all rescued .I get so sad and upset to see so many strays ,people dumping cats ,

people not looking for resources to get help to get their pets fixed.

It’s out there I know it is .! I ask If you have any information to help .Adopted,

Fix or foster Cats and Kittens PLEASE Email me at with details

including If it is state specific and I will add it to the list!

Please let work together to help the kitties in need !

Also look thru the list to see if you can help by either fostering.adopting or making a

monetary donation!



1.Frankies Friends Cat Rescue 724-889-7011

TO Donate to HCMT

Please mail donations to:
Homeless Cat Management Team
P. O. Box 100203
Pittsburgh, PA 15233

You can donate online at  On the JustGive website, under Find a Charity, enter Homeless Cat Management Team, Inc and you will find our link.

3. FOR ALLEGHANY/WESTMORELAND COUNTY PA. /I  AM NOT SURE IF IT WORKS WITH OTHER COUNTIES BUT WORTH A TRY.write all this info just like this on a piece of paper to the address below Your Name Home Address Phone # Vet name & # Spay or neuter…. (or two spays)…etc… Animal care & welfare P.O. Box 8257 Pittsburgh Pa 15218 BE SURE TO CALL YOUR LOCAL VET TO SEE IF THEY TAKE IT .I KNOW THE WESTMORELAND HUMANE SOCIETY WILL AND THE SPAY AND NUETER IN PENN HILLS PA –

4.Find Low cost spay or neuter in your area HERE

5.Nip And Snip Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic LLC-Serving
the Metro Phoenix area

6.Animal Resource Foundation Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic-
Gloucester, VA

7.North Central Florida-FREE Voucher and Low cost programs

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