Catty Stacks Review/Gifts for Cats

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Cats love boxes ! That’s a fact .And my kitties were so very happy to help with the review of the Catty Stacks . Scamps,Sandy and Butterscotch (AKA “The Creamsicle Gang”) Were the first to try it out.cathousedreamteampets 008

The  Catty Stacks Designer Cat Boxes comes in-a 2Pack.There are different colors to choose from to match your decor.

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The Boxes are made in the USA from  industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard(TM) and the color of the boxes are vegetable based inkreviewcathousemasktomkit 011

The Catty Stack Boxes Comes with clips to secure them to each other and to keep them sturdy and safe for your frolicing felines .reviewcathousemasktomkit 013

Suitable for larger cats up to 20 pounds ,And I do have a few Extra fluffy furballs 🙂 reviewcathousemasktomkit 014

Catty Stacks are easy to stack and easy to move ,The top and bottom climbing holes are expandable to accommodate larger kitties.reviewcathousemasktomkit 016

The Catty Stacks are easy to assemble ,We put them together pretty quick and they were an instant hit with the fur babies .I added a couple of pillows inside for nap time.They can be changed around and stacked differently to give the kitties a variety of play options .Catty Stacks are one of the best cat houses I ever had for my Cats ,They just love them!

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Click here today to get a few of your favorite colors and designs as a great gift for your Cats! Catty Stacks 2 Box Kit

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