Creepy Jigglers Recipe


1 pkg -(3 oz.) JELL-O Grape Flavor Gelatin

3 TBSP JELLO-O Green (lime)

16 Blackberries

128 pieces black string licorice

8 miniature candy coated chocolate pieces

1 -Spray 16 sections of plastic ice cube tray with cooking spray

2-add boiling water to combined Jello mixes, stir about 2 minutes

DO NOT add cold water,Pour into trays

3-Refrigerate about 3 hours till firm

4-Unmold JIGGLERS. Thread 1 each JIGGLERS and blackberry onto each of 16 thin wooden skewers for the spider’s head and body.

5.Insert licorice pieces into JIGGLERS for the legs. Add candy pieces for the eyes, gently pressing into JIGGLERS to secure.


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