Cute Panda Cupcakes Recipe


Super easy to do! Bake  regular cupcakes  according to the package directions or use your own recipe. Lightly ice with chocolate frosting. Sprinkle some finely crushed Oreos  minus the filling 🙂 on the cupcake.  (save this for later dont eat it!!)

Make cake pops for the panda head. Fully ice cupcakes, use the icing as glue so you don’t have to insert a toothpick to hold it in(if you dont have a cakepop maker, be creative a plain doughnut hole/bite would do too.

Use frosting for the eyes or brown m&m’s

A toothpick can be used  to put the icing on for the paws and whites of the eyes. Blend up the Oreo filling by hand to get  a nice consistency and use that as the icing, if you prefer!!

You can buy a small tube of gel icing for the black piping or use thin back licorice

Add cookie legs as shown!ENJOY!

Simple and Fun

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