DIY Pot rack project

I was so excited to do this  DIY project! We had an old pallet laying around and an old oven rack that did not fit in my new stove,So I wondered what we could do with it,The pallet had some beautiful aged grey wood ,I just love the color.

So a pot rack came to mind! I only cost about $30 for other materialspotrack 010We bought an angle iron to cut for the corners ,loop eye hooks,hanging hooks ,about 3 feet of chain cut to 23 inches,We screwed it up with about 8 screws to be nice and sturdy.

potrack 001potrack 007

We attached 2 small strips of wood to keep the oven rack in place.

potrack 004 potrack 005

We attached some decorative upholstery tacs with gorilla clue to the cut angle iron pieces ,instead of having screw heads showing,And attached a few across the front for a little bling,You can choose to paint your wood if you like ,but what attracted me was the natural beauty of the pallet wood!

Always remember safety first when doing any project have the proper protection gear  .This project did not take long at all ,We just needed the glue to dry over night and viloa! done! I just love the rustic feel. I can’t wait to do another project ,We are also working on the 2 stair ways in the house with fresh paint ,new decor and redoing the steps .Hope you like this idea 🙂 Please share with your friends if you do!

thank you or checking our project out!


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