Dream Team Pets Review + Save 30%

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Dream Team pets are cuddly lovable friends that can help your child get a good nights rest every night

Dream Team Pet-Magical Cat

Dream Team Pet-Magical Cat

If you have a child that wakes frequently at night or ends up in your bed Dream Team pets are here to help!

What comes with the Dream Team:

Dream Team Pet-Magical Cat,Playful Puppy or Mighty Lion

Dream Team Pet Book-How to train your pet-to protect you at night and make bad dreams go away

Dream Team Certificate . Once your child has slept soundly through the night, reward the Dream Team Pet for a good night of hard work. Once your Certificate of Training is filled with stars, the Dream Team Pet is ready to stay with your child as long as they need.

Dream Team Pets Makes a perfect Holiday Gift !

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Child Sleep Training – Dream Team Pets Magical Cat Bedtime Routine

Child Sleep Training – Dream Team Pets Playful Puppy Bedtime Routine

Child Sleep Training – Dream Team Pets Mighty Lion Bedtime Routine

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