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My Child ID™ software helps parents securely organize, manage and store their child’s vital information for quick and easy access – information critical to law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to reduce emergency response time from hours to minutes. The process is simple. Just download the software to your computer, and follow the prompts to create and manage profiles for your child, or for your entire family. Your child’s information is completely secure because it is stored on your computer – no one has access except you.

My Child ID Software Features:


Personal Information: Store each child’s contact Information, photos, Social Security number, sports & activities information, vehicle information, and much more.


Medical Information: Store each child’s medical information, including allergies, blood type, Doctors’ contact information, medical history, medications, pharmacies, etc.


Track Social Media Information: Store your child’s usernames and passwords for their computers and social media tools, which allow you to contact your child’s social network friends in the event of an emergency.


Frequently Visited Locations: Keep a record of the places that your child frequents, including residences, schools, daycares, playgrounds, sports facilities, music lessons, etc.

Helpful Hints:

  • After you have built your child’s ID profile, put the profile on a personal USB drive and attach it to your key ring, so you always have it with you if ever there is a need.
  • Going on vacation and leaving the kids at home? Make an extra USB drive for the caregiver so they have this vital information at their fingertips in case of an emergency.
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