House of Doolittle Product Review #ShopletReviews

House of Doolittle Product Review #Shoplet Reviews

I recently had the opportunity to review 2 awesome products from Shoplet. The Business Planner and 2014 Calendar. The opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts on these items. I did receive products for review purposes.

Let me first tell you about the Business Planner and why every couple with an anniversary to celebrate should own one of these. I was surprised to find a variety of information in the back of my planner. Starting off with a Special Information page that contains Birthstones and Flowers and Wedding Anniversary Gifts. If your spouse is stumped on a gift idea you can have them check their planner! It does skip to every 5 years after the 25th anniversary. Let’s face it though, once you make it to 25 years they ought to have a clue on what to buy. There are pages for Measurements, Travel Hints, Toll Free Numbers for Airlines, Auto Rentals and Hotels & Motels, and so much more. I really like that they included a neat Time Zone map. I always have trouble with the times in different areas. This is going to be a huge help. As for the day to day entry pages, I like that they included plenty of space to write. There is even an Expense Record at the bottom to track your daily expenses. If you were one of the those people, like myself, that had a New Year’s Resolution to get organized, this should help with that.

shoplet anniversary  

shoplet holidays

I also reviewed the 2014 Calendar. Personally, I think they should have named it the 2014 Planning Calendar. There is enough room in those boxes to put your daily activities. They have even included a special Notes area on the side. This is great for when you’re on the phone and need to jot down appointment times. I also use it to write down when a freebie item is going to be live on Facebook. I know that several businesses have on hand a variety of Office Supplies to keep their employees organized and on track. Another great idea for one of these calendars would be for older individuals that need to keep on top of their doctor’s appointments. Also, fantastic to pencil in the kids daily activities or even chores.

shoplet calendar

Visit Shoplet today to check out their Promotional Products and Promotional Shirts. They also carry a wide assortment of Office Stationary.

Another thing that I just have to tell you is the prices. I checked them out on both of the items. I could have saved money on the business planner ordering from Shoplet. I paid about $6 more at a local retailer at Christmas time. I will know to check here next time.

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