Introduction To Couponing:Learn To Save !

Introduction To Couponing:Learn To Save !

Hello !

Welcome to Ezeebuxs! We are going to show you how to use and save with coupons! We have helped others save Big ,and even get freebies by using coupons!. , lets get started!(Don not be overwhelmed ,once you know what to do ,easy as pie!)

Where to find coupons ?:

You can find the top coupons to print on line through our “print coupons here”tab.You will find,Redplum,SmartSource,Coupon Network,Cell Fire and Savings Star..Cell fire and SavingsStar Is were you can directly load coupons on to your grocery savings cards,

Also your local Sunday paper is a great source to clip coupons if you do not have a printer. You can get the Sunday paper at the Dollar store too ,A good place to grab a few extra papers for the coupon section.We use both the paper and the printer to max our savings.

Woman’s magazines are a good source too.My favorite is the ALL YOU Magazine ,They have a great deal of coupons to clip!

You can also check in your local area for a coupon exchange program.(sometimes called “coupon recycling bins”)Some place such as churches ,social service offices will have a basket were you can take and leave coupons ,

Many grocers also have coupons you can get from their grocery isles These are called “blinkies” We will learn more about the “coupon lingo” in our next section.

Check you grocers website ,they also have coupons to print and ones you can download to your loyalty card.

Keep an eye on your register receipt ,sometimes there will be coupons on the bottom ,and when you check out at the register ,Catalina coupons may print out to with your receipt,

Visit Manufacturer Websites ,You can print coupons from most of them ,or get on their mailing list to have them mailed to you.







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