Last Minute Money FREE Blogger Event!

Last Minute Money FREE Blogger Event!

Last Minute Money is sponsored by,, and

Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash.
Date: Friday Dec 7th 6pm – Friday Dec 21st at 11:59

One lucky winner will receive a $50 Amazon Card/Credit or PayPal Cash

To participate in this event you must:
1: Publish the Event Announcement found HERE (or you may pay the $5.00 waiver fee)
2: Complete the form below
3: Submit Form

By submitting the form you agree to:
a. Publish the Event Announcement Now. (unless you have paid the waiver fee)
b. Publish the Giveaway HTML within 24 hours of the start date and time. (unless you have paid the waiver fee)
c. Promote 3 times a week.
d. Participate in the spirit of the giveaway. (i.e. don’t be a dink!)

Make payments for options using PayPal and email address:
Sorry, we cannot refund options once they have been purchased. We cannot hold options.

For Giveaway Updates, join our group:

REMEMBER We are purchasing AdSense to help promote – Page Hosts Should Expect Traffic!

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