love with food!

I am loving these monthy food boxes at only $12  a month you get a wide variety of delicious new foods and snacks to try ! this month box i got some super good yummies to try .

a gourmet giant cookie!

homey sticks(4)

carmel popcorn shaped like a corn cob

spicy cocktail almonds

3 teas to try

organic gummie bears

salt water taffy

and the best part! with each box sold they donate a box to feed a hungry child! You can also give these as gifts .you can join monthly or yearly.for more information please click HERE to visit!PLUS THEY GOT GREAT RECIPIES TOO!

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  2. diana says:

    This box sounds so yummy! Sweets are my addiction! I wish I had subscribed to one of these instead of a bunch of beauty subscriptions. 🙁

  3. nancy whitemckethan says:


  4. I’m such a foodie! I want a monthly snack box!

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  6. Pingback: Try Love With Food 1st month FREE

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