Mrs Fields Cupcake Pan Review and Giveaway

I was given this product for review purposes. The opinions stated are my own honest thoughts.

Mrs Fields 1

I am very excited to share my review of the Mrs. Fields Half and Half Cupcake pan from the Love Cooking Company with you. The pan actually exceeded my expectations of the product. Now don’t get me wrong, I thought it’s a Mrs. Field’s pan, it has to be good! What I didn’t expect is that it’s REALLY nonstick and the divider is super easy to use and remove. Let me backtrack and tell you one of the reasons that I chose this particular pan. Have you ever attended or had a children’s birthday party and the kids are able to choose a vanilla or chocolate cupcake? For some reason, that will be the day that the majority of kids will choose either vanilla or chocolate. You are left with unhappy children and usually uneaten cupcakes. Problem averted with the Mrs. Fields Half and Half Cupcake pan! This pan will ensure everyone is happy with their choice!

Mrs Fields 2

I always use a little nonstick cooking spray in the bottom and it has never had anything stick to it. I did use it once with the cupcake wrappers but felt that was really just an unnecessary step in what I was baking. I have baked cupcakes and muffins in my pan. The divider is so easy to use. It will separate the 2 different colors(flavors) that you will be using for your cupcakes. I did decide that for some reason it was easier for me to go from behind the divider to place the mix in the 12 holders.They have turned out fantastic every time.

Mrs Fields 3

I am also a couponer. So, I had really stocked up on the Pillsbury cake mixes on sale a while back. I think I ended up paying something like $.38 a box. As you can imagine, I have had plenty chances to try out the pan. These images are from batches of the Pillsbury Devil’s Food and Classic White cake mixes that I used for these cupcakes.

Mrs Fields 4

Notice that in the first picture(below) how full formed the cupcake turned out. The second picture shows more of a distinction of the two different colors.The second pictures does appear to be a little more oval shaped. However, you know that can be fixed with a little icing. I have been baking for years and when you need it to be picture perfect, it won’t be. This reminds me of when I made 8 cakes for my Dad’s company Christmas party. One of the cakes didn’t rise! How is that even possible? It was a boxed cake mix!!!

Mrs Fields 5

The end result was quite nice, if I do say so myself. There were definitely no complaints on not getting a chocolate or vanilla cupcake!

Now if you are wondering where you can purchase one of these pans for yourself, check out these links:

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