Cat Lady Subscription Box Review

I am so happy today ! I got my first Cat Lady Subscription Box!!   Which Is purrfect for me because I am a cat mom of 13 kitties! So I love everything cat.

I just could not contain my excitement .I opened it as soon as I took a Picture,

And then this happened after I opened the box.Butterscotch was the first to check it out

Once I could wrangle it away from Mr Butterscotch ,I took a look still so excited to see what surprises it held for me and kitty. And it did not disappoint! Oh my the cute stuff I got this month (every month comes with a new theme)

2 Cute kitty dish towels

2 catnip toys ,one a cute chef hat

A cat shaped spoon rest

A super adorable kitchen utensils set


If you’re a cat lady or you know one,This is the perfect gift to give ,Who wouldn’t love getting a surprise box of cat themed goodies?

CLICK HERE to subscribe today or give one as a gift!  I can not wait to see what surprises come next month! I bet the Christmas box is amazing!!

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Cave Tools Pellet Tube Review (smoker)

Disclaimer:I received a product in return for my opinion

Do you love to cook out with your grill or smoker? Do you cook out all year-long like we do?

Got a   BBQ chef you need to shop for? Cave Tools has the perfect gifts for the holidays and all year-long .

Cave tools has a variety of the tools you need to make your outdoor cooking and smoking a success ,For example I received this stainless steel pellet tube wood smoker box  for our grill .(you also get to download a FREE recipe book)

The pellet tube is what you need to give all kinds of food that wonderful smokey flavor we all love ,

Why buy it from Cave Tools? Heres why:

You can smoke for over 8 hours without having to refill the pellet tube ,Now that is very convenient .I like that feature the best .

Heavy gauge stainless steel so it is durable and never rusts

Use for hot or cold smoking

Evenly distributes  smoke as it moves up the chamber

Lifetime satisfaction guarantee 

BBQ Tools - Cave Tools

CLICK HERE to visit CaveTools or AMAZON to order this great gift for the holidays! Use code for 15% Off: PelletSmoker15

((Stay tuned for a follow-up review of the smoker in action .Our grill kind of pooped out  🙁 ))

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Pet Qwerks Toy Review

The furrbabies got some really cool toys to play with today from  Pet Qwerks

They received 2 babble balls .Both makes cute sounds and one lights up , (the blinky ball)

Both  balls become interactive when played with .We also got some really cool bubbles with cat nip ,Now these are not ordinary bubbles .Once they land they do not pop,You can stack them too.These are fun to play with .Some of the cats we not to sure about them and some loved popping them.

You can also buy interactive toys for your dog too,Check them out HERE to see what they have for you furrbabies,

Pick up something today for your furrbabies 🙂


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Fit Snack Subscription Box Review

Today I received a delicious looking box of snacks to try out from Fit Snack Box 

Fit Box is a subscription box of healthy snacks for an active lifestyle Or just a snack lover like me.You get a selection of the worlds best brands each month .

Fit Box is more than just snacks you also get (depending on the plan you choose) Fitness gear and workout challenges .PLUS each box purchased they give to kids in need that’s awesome!

My mouth watered looking at all the yummy snacks to try .the box came with over 10 foods to try .The first I tried of course,was the Butterfinger Candy pop

The Popcandy I never seen before ,This is why I love this box ,A chance to try something new and different .And each snack is selected by a nutritionist so you know you’re getting a variety that is low in sugar,gluten-free,vegan and/or all natural.

Next I see a cute little pouch with snack bars in it,I like this little pouch you can carry snacks with you for a quick energy boost when you need it,

So far everything I tried was new to me and tasted great ! I can not wait to get next months box and see what surprises there are next time.

Order one today,makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one ,You can learn more and order yours HERE

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