Peeps S’mores


      • 12 marshmallow Peeps
      • 6 1.55-oz chocolate bars
      • 12 rectangular sheets graham crackers

1. Turn on your oven’s broiler element, and place the oven rack in the center of the oven. Line a baking sheet with foil.

2. Break the graham cracker and the chocolate bars in half so that they’re squares.

3. Arrange 12 graham squares on the baking sheet, and top each cracker with a square of chocolate. Place a Peep on top of each chocolate.

4. Place the tray in the oven for 35 seconds. Check after 35 seconds and see how toasted the Peeps are—they should be slightly puffed, looked melted around the sides, and begin to form a golden brown crust on top. If they don’t look melted enough, leave them in for another 5-10 seconds, but keep a close eye on them!

5. Remove the tray from the oven and immediately top the Peeps with the remaining graham squares, pressing down on them to squish the marshmallow out to the sides.



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