Therafit Shoe Review and Giveaway 2014

             Therafit Shoe Review and Giveaway

I was compensated with a pair of Therafit shoes for review purposes. The opinions below are my own honest thoughts about this product.

Okay. You have made it to the page to enter for a chance to win a pair of Therafit shoes!

therafit purple

    Now would you like to know more about what you would be winning? A life changing pair of shoes, in my opinion! These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. I know what I am talking about; I have 3 pairs! One of my first pairs was the Deborah sneaker. A very stylish shoe that is black and pink. The next one is the grey Laura mule shoe. Last, but certainly not least is the Laura mule in navy. I love the ability to slip my shoes on and off in a hurry. Great for when I need to run to the store at the last minute or out of the house to chase one of the pooches that have decided to make a run for the front yard.

Therafit shoe my blue ones

   The reason I chose the navy Laura mule for this review is because I wanted a little darker shoe. Plus, I need something that works for my “in a hurry” lifestyle. So, for that reason I wanted something that would not show dirt quite so easily. What I really should say is mud! The weather here can go from bright and sunny to a torrential downpour in just a minute.

    Now for the main reason that I am in love with Therafit Shoes is for comfort! The Therafit website actually has a great explanation of their technology and all about foot health.This is my take on it, if you suffer from foot pain, knee pain, leg pain and back pain, the technology that they use can give you some relief and a better feel for when you are wearing shoes. They explain it so much better than I can. So, I recommend visiting the Therafit website and click on the Foot Health tab. For me personally, I was having a pain in the arch of my foot. The doctor that I saw at the time said it might be an inflammation in the area. Shortly after that is when I tried my first pair of shoes from Therafit. I haven’t been back to the doctor with the same problem. So, I am thinking that it must have been the shoes that I was wearing before that time.

   As you can see from the pictures at the top of the review; they have a multitude of designs and colors! You can find athletic shoes, walking shoes, casual shoes and even uniform shoes! Be sure to check out the black or white Renee walking shoe. These would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone that stands on their feet all day! They offer free shipping and free shipping on returns. Some restrictions may apply. Check the site for more details.

   Now on to what you have been waiting for the giveaway! Therafit has graciously offered to give one lucky person their very own pair of Therafit shoes! Get started by visiting the Therafit website and choosing the pair of shoes that you are hoping to win. I know there is a lot to choose from and I urge you to look carefully through the lists. I am sure there is bound to be a pair that you will want to add to your Christmas list. 

   Here is how you can follow Therafit Shoe on Facebook, TherafitShoe on Twitter, Therafit Shoe on Instagram, Therafit Shoe on YouTube. They can keep you updated on news and any future giveaways.

Therafit Shoe will be mailing the product directly to the winner of this giveaway. We will be forwarding your mailing information to the Therafit Shoe representative.

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