Umbra Rinse Bowl Review and Giveaway ends 11/8

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If your like me you love kitchen gadgets .I have a ton of them .Some I only used once and then they are doomed to a life in the back of the kitchen cabinet.

Not my rinse bowl.I love it!

I am all for anything that saves me clean up time in the kitchen.

I got to review the rinse bowl from Umbra and It has become one of my favorites

It’s  a combination bowl and strainer .No more transferring  foods from  bowl to strainer  less to clean and saves space.

With the busy holidays coming up,you will want one of these .The bowl is well made,Sturdy and BPA Free and holds a lot.

There a 4 great colors to choose from  White,Red,Black or Avocado .You can order the strainer bowl though Amazon>> Umbra Rinse Bowl and Strainer


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