10 Surprising Uses for Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a must have around here .My husband loves it. Did you know it’s more than just a snack?   There are some interesting uses .(I  DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE WITH PEANUT ALLERGIES TO TRY THESE). Have you tried any of these? Have any new ones to add?

pb 002

  1. Use as a Hair moisturizer-May sound a bit messy.I wouldn’t try with a chunky PB.Massage into scalp then follow with shampoo for shiny hair
  2. If you run out of butter while cooking.Use the same amount of smooth PB .Will give food a nice nutty flavour
  3. Rub a little smooth PB on a dvd/cd and wipe with a small cloth to remove minor scratches
  4. Remove scratches from wooden furnishings .Rub on smooth PB ,let set for 30 minutes and wipe off
  5. Oh that horrid sticky stuff that’s left behind after you peel of a label.!try rubbing some PB on the left over sticky and wipe off with a cloth
  6. Have hard to remove bug splatters or bird droppings on your cars windshield? rub on some smooth PB and let it sit 15 minutes ,then rinse with a hose
  7. If you ran out of shave cream or gel smear a light layer on and shave it off.Good for you skin
  8. Make birds seed treats.
  9. Remove tar from car surfaces.
  10. Peanut butter can also help unstick a zipper
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