Fit Snack Subscription Box Review

Today I received a delicious looking box of snacks to try out from Fit Snack Box 

Fit Box is a subscription box of healthy snacks for an active lifestyle Or just a snack lover like me.You get a selection of the worlds best brands each month .

Fit Box is more than just snacks you also get (depending on the plan you choose) Fitness gear and workout challenges .PLUS each box purchased they give to kids in need that’s awesome!

My mouth watered looking at all the yummy snacks to try .the box came with over 10 foods to try .The first I tried of course,was the Butterfinger Candy pop

The Popcandy I never seen before ,This is why I love this box ,A chance to try something new and different .And each snack is selected by a nutritionist so you know you’re getting a variety that is low in sugar,gluten-free,vegan and/or all natural.

Next I see a cute little pouch with snack bars in it,I like this little pouch you can carry snacks with you for a quick energy boost when you need it,

So far everything I tried was new to me and tasted great ! I can not wait to get next months box and see what surprises there are next time.

Order one today,makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one ,You can learn more and order yours HERE

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