Intro to the Kitties Korner


Here you will find resources for pets/pet owners review items .All things cat!

Hello! for those of you who know me I am a rescue kitty lover! I have

(14 now 2017

I now Have 14 fur babies .They are the best bunch ever! The are so amusing!

MEET THE FUR BABIES as of 2017 we added 5 more!


2017— I will post pics of the other 5 they are Gracie, LilKitty,Angie Rigby and Yoda

Here in the Korner Myself and my Kitties will discuss various things..and share pictures NOTE The opinion expressed by my kitties may not be the same as their mom 🙂

You are welcomed to share a pic and info about your kitty too! and He/she may be featured in out kitty korner!  Funny and cute pics always welcomed email me at Subjec:t Kitty Korner

Here is a brief rundown on the gang:)

OREO -He is the oldest of the bunch 4 years and was just fine being an only cat 😉 but then…

MS.SMUDGE .Well How do I describe her. shes a mom of 4 (we found her when she was preggers and of course kept the babies 🙂 you never know from one minute to the next what kinds mood shes in and very athletic! she love to do flips!

MR FLUFFY  He was found very small and left behind 🙁 OREO quickly warmed up to him and became his mentor (the only cat oreo was ok with) he will tap you so ever gently to tell you he needs petting

BUTTERSCOTCH He is my snuggle buddy .he loves when I get the “blanky’out ,He will crawl under with me and sleep on me ..

MR CASHEW.He is my Hubbys BFF!  Cashew can be a bully at times .When its close to dinner .look out ! he had to have ear surgery to .but makes him look tougher 🙂


SANDY -He was born quit big and a piggy lol.. he is pretty mellow and likes to be carried down the stairs and he weighs a ton 🙂

MS POSEY She is our DIVA cat .not to sociable .such a cutie with a sweet little meow.

QT PIE –He is such a dashing fluffy fellow .Quite too .until red dot time! When he waves that bushy tail,It can be hypnotic!

MS SCAMPS  She is also know as the teenie houdini! she has a secret passage in the house.we have yet to find


 9/8/2014 The Kitties found a FREE Sample for you:

Free Sample Of Meow Mix Tender Centers Cat Food
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