Magic Chef Digital XL Air Fryer by NewAir Review

Disclaimer:I received a product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Today I will be telling you about the Magic Chef Digital XL Air Fryer I received .

When I opened the box the remove the air fryer I was really impressed by the looks of it and its 6 QT capacity,big enough to make large batches of food ,now does it work as good as it looks.

The instuctions are very easy to follow and comes with a recipe book .The first food I tried in the Magic Chef digital XL  air fryer was the egg rolls from the recipie book

I was really impressed how crispy they came out with out using a drop of oil! Tasted amazing too.

Next I was excited to try something else in the air fryer,so we made chicken strips.

Now the chicken strips turned out amazing! so tender ,juicy and crispy and to me tasted so much better then ones that would be fried in oil or oven baked.

The air fryer is very easy to clean up after you cook and is so much healthier to use then oil and you get great results .I am really enjoying my Magic Chef air fryer wish I had it sooner, we use it almost every night

I do reccomend purchasing one ,The holidays are coming soon so get one and you can make healthy holiday dinners! right now you can get 20% off

Visit HERE to find out more or to purchase today


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