Movie Tavern Member Benefits

Movie Tavern Member Benefits

movie tavern benenfits

My family loves going to Movie Tavern! Not only is it a chance to see a great movie, you can have a meal while you watch it. I’m not talking nachos and popcorn. Real Food! Burgers, Sandwiches and salads are just some of the items you will find. The Game Day platter is a big hit with my bunch. It has 4 mini burgers, buffalo and boneless wings and cheese fries. Yum! If you manage to still have room, check out the Dessert menu. Brownie Bottom Pie, Cheesecake and Pina Colada Cake can be found under Sweets. Movie Tavern also has quite a selection of cocktails from the bar.

Now that you know more about Movie Tavern, let me tell you about some benefits of becoming a Movie Tavern Member.Sign up  HERE to get started. It’s FREE to join! Receive (1) FREE popcorn just for signing up. Receive (1) FREE movie ticket for your birthday. On top of that, you will receive special offers for special events, screenings, surprise gifts, comps and more.

Not only do they have the latest movies, they have RETRO MOVIES! Tonight and tomorrow, my location, is showing Halloween (the original, 1978 film). How great is that? For those too young to get in or not around, it’s a chance to see it the way it was meant to be seen. Big Screen! Not a fan of scary movies? Check out next month’s December selections: Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story to name a few. It’s A Wonderful Life,also included in the list, is the one I will be seeing! See the List!

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