Old Time Candy Review and Giveaway —-OVER—-

I received a product in return for my honest opinion

Oh those “good ol days ” My good Ol days were the days of Big hair ,leg warmers and you could still get penny candy!

Did I just disclose my age!! Yikes oh well…:)

Every decade has something you remember the most, As a youngster I loved going to the candy store .As soon as I had the allowance in my hand off I went, My face pressed up against the glass drooling at the yummy candy ! (and this carried into my teen-age years)  ?

Here is a pic of my most favorites !

Oh boy what do I get today! Wax Bottles,Chic-o-sticks,lik-m-aid,gold coins!

Oh the list was endless!! Loved them all. Do you remember those little saucer shaped candies ? I never knew what they were called ,I just pointed to them lol Now I know they are  called Sattellite Waffers! those were awesome!

So you could imagine how excited I was to do a review for OldTimeCandy.Com ! They have THE best selection of retro candy on the web.


A taste of my childhood I’m so excited! (oh you can get retro toys there too!)

I was in awe of the variety of candies to choose from! I love the Decade boxes, You can get all your favorite candies you loved as a kid .Choose from the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s in 2-pound or 4 pound boxes.

How great to be able to share the favorites of your childhood with your own Kids and Grandkids!

I had a really hard time deciding .I ended up choosing the all decades  4 lb box to try something new! Look at all the candy!

  Do you want to win your own box?

What will you choose if you win?

enter below for your chance to win!!

Old Time Candy Giveaway

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