Tips for Maintaing Your Car


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One expense most of us have is our vehicles .When Shopping for a vehicle,new or used ,It can be quite confusing.So many out there to choose from .Once you do find that perfect car for you and your family .(you can start here ).It’s important to keep your car in shape ,like your body,you fuel it ,you go for check ups and keep it clean and treat it with TLC

Your car needs the same to avoid many unexpected expenses and the headaches that can follow .We’ve all been there one time or another.With Winter approaching it is especially important.

Here are some tips to help you out with maintaining the health of your vehicle:

1.Checking and topping of your fluids such as transmission fluids,antifreeze brake fluid ,power steering and want to avoid the “check engine” light from appearing when that happens it could be too late  ,Then you want to maintain optimal performance .

2.Check your filters .replace when needed

3.Check that all your lights are working properly

4.Check tires maintain proper air pressure

5.Have an emergency kit for winter.the kit should include: flares,jumpers,small compact shovel,kitty litter to help if you get stuck,reflective triangles and a blanket.

6.Keep the exterior clean from all the salt in the winter,Be sure to go somewhere that has an underspray to remove the salt from under your car.


I hope these tips help you out !

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