What do you do for fun?

Hi ! Hope your day or evening is going well.I was curious what people like to do for fun or when you are bored.After you read this it would be cool if in the comments if you could tell me stuff about your hobbies or interests.

Do you like to read,listen to music or color in an adult ccoloring book? I like to do that color that is.I also like playing games too.I do get bored easy so I like a variety of things to do, Especially when it comes to games and books .

I found a cool site for games .I was playing a cool game called parade pranks.

Its a 20 level chinese new year themed game with Tom and Jerry ,  (love them).you must maneuver a dragon controlled by Jerry to grab all the cheese 

These games are fun for kids too.The whole family can enjoy! 

I also like Pac-Rat inspired by the Pac-Man game .Pretty sure you familiar with Pac-Man .If not heres how you play .


You got to make your way through eating the cheese and avoiding the cats .

pretty easy peasy .

The games I found on plays.org are really easy and enjoyable .You geta variety to explore.

If you played any games there let me know what your favorite is!

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