pink champagne jello.. sounds good!

what you need

1 pkg. (8-serving size) JELL-O Lemon Flavor Gelatin
1 pkg.  (8-serving size) JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Gelatin
3 cups boiling water
2 cups  cold champagne
2 cups cold ginger ale
2 cups  chopped strawberries

Make It

COMBINE dry gelatin mixes in large bowl. Add boiling water; stir 2 min. or until gelatin is completely dissolved. Refrigerate 20 min. Stir in champagne and ginger ale. Refrigerate an additional 25 min. or until slightly thickened (consistency of unbeaten egg whites). Gently stir in strawberries. POUR into 10-cup mold sprayed with cooking spray; cover. REFRIGERATE 4 hours or until firm. Unmold. Store leftover gelatin in refrigerator.
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